Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov 2...

Today I am blogging about a great blessing in my life... My parents..
I could not be LUCKIER to have better people to call mom and dad. They are so supportive of me in whatever I do and love me unconditionally. I love you guys! My mom she is always ready to talk to me... She takes time out of her busty schedule to help me with whatever I need. She is one of the most kind service-oriented people I know. Thanks mom for being you... She always seems to put her family first, often times meaning she has to go without.
My dad is the funniest person I know... He always knows how to make me laugh! I love his random phone calls just to tell me he loves me. I know this man would do anything for me and the rest of my family. He is one fantastic dad!

Mom and dad.... Thanks for all you do! I am grateful to you both and love you more than you know! I am so happy and blessed to be your daughter!


Love Always,


Hollie Rae. said...

cute post! goodness gracious that's a huge bull elk there in that picture. did your dad get that? that's sweet!

Ashley Ann said...

That elk would be my mom's.... Yep she is amazing!