Sunday, May 10, 2009


I LOVE my mom.. Really she is an AMAZING woman.. So her is some of my favotite things about her... Happy Mothers DAY!

1) She always CALLS just to say she LOVES me.....
2) She is always there to LISTEN to me... Even if its over soemthing lame...
3) I love how she ADORES my dad... Even if she does spoil him a lot!!
4) I love how she FREAKS out when the simplest things are out of place...
5) She always is ready to SUPPORT me in everything I decide to do..
6) I love how she QUIETLY goes without something she wants to allow her family to have something we probably don't need..
7) I am THANKFUL for her.. She always INSPIRES me to be a little better..
8) I love how we can make her BLUSH at the littlest things...
9) I love how she gets so EXCITED to see Jacie and how she SMILES when she sees her..
10) Last I love that she is a FRIEND..

I am so thankful for a wonderful mother.. and I wish her a very Happy Mother's DAy!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


It's finally SPRING!!!! I am so happy.. I love so much about this time of year..
Here are some of the best things about spring..
Green grass

BLUE Skies

Blossoming Trees

Blooming Flowers

I love the change in the seasons... The smell of rain showers..
the warmth of the sun..
and most of all it leads to

Ice Caves..and a Fire...

Last Saturday, We went to the ICE CAVES...It was a lot of fun even if it was raining... Here we are going up..
Very MUDDY...

This is where we had to Climb down..
or should I say SLIDE!!

This is the top of the cave..

The Group..

Dannel, Josh, and I

Dannel and I..

We all had lots of fun!