Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cake Anyone?!?

So lately I have been on a cake decorating kick.. Random I know but I really love it! So anyways here are my latest creations! No worries there, I am sure, are more to come. This one was Josh's birthday cake the "crayons" are just ice cream cones!!

This train cake was for Ryan..

This one was for Lori's birthday.. Who knew coconut and twizzlers pull and peels could be so fun eh??

And this one was for Shayla.. Rubber Ducky your the one...

A little about me..

Well I decided to join you all and start blogging!!! First of thanks for reading this.. For my first blog I decided to tell you all a little about me.. Ok here it goes.. I love rainy days, I love the outdoors, I am incredibly ticklish, I am a scrapbooker, I love inside jokes ( Happy Thanksgiving Jules), I love The Office and American Idol, I have an addiction to shoes, My best friends are in my Family, I love getting pedicures, I love laughing, I am not afraid to admit I am a Dork, I love to travel, My favorite time of year is Summer, I love asparagus, I love country boys, I love music, I love to be in water, My dad is the funniest person I know, I am scared of Snakes and Spiders, my alias is guppy or gertrude, I like Secrets. Well thats a few things about me!!