Sunday, January 22, 2012

These past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about a few things.. I few weeks ago I went to the temple to do a session. However the session was too full so they split us into two groups. I decided to go do initiatorys. While I was there I was listening and one thing really stuck out to me. I really liked how we shouldn't speak guile.
I really don't consider myself a mean person, but tend to get annoyed and complain about things people do that really are not a big deal.
For me its pretty easy not to sit and talk about the negative aspects of a person.
But I still do complain about things.. a roommate who has left dishes in a sink.. a friend who has been grumpy... maybe someone didn't invite me to something..
plans fell through... anyways you get the picture...

So the past few weeks I have tried not to speak guile..
The past few weeks people have annoyed me way more than usual!
I was far from perfect on this but it is something I will keep working on!
I love dating someone who truly inspires me to be better..
Kelly is one of the nicest people I know, he always has good things to say about everyone and rarely ever says anything negative!

Here is to a new week and trying to keep those mean things I want to say in!
Hopefully by not saying anything rude will make it so I don't think mean things either!!