Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow! I can't believe 2008 is over.. It was such a good year.. I got my first niece! I moved to Idaho Falls, I was done with school... I had a lot of fun.. Here is a flashback of the year!
January.. Hot Tubbing Trips..

February.. Dances at the Institute.

March.. The big Easter egg hunt at Aunt Marilyn's

April.. Parents weekend in the 4th Ward

May.. Jacie!!

June.. We visited Megan and the dairy.

July.. Watching Fireworks with good friends!

August.. A goodbye party before I moved to Idaho Falls.

September.. I turned 26.. and we made the Little Goodbyes music video.

October.. Halloween with new friends..

November.. Tramp jumping on Thanksgiving.

December.. A Merry Christmas with family.

A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas was tons of fun this year.. Santa definitely did not forget to stop at our house.. it was so good to hang with the fam!
Here is me and Sarah at Grandmas.. Really who wouldn't want us for their gift!

My dad and Jacie.. I love this pic of them!

Ivory, Sarah, and I at Grandma's house

Dad and Mom boxing and the Wii..
Hilarious to watch..

I got a Cricut!!I am so excited!

Jacie... ADORABLE!

Opening Presents

Britt and Trav

Ivory and her Wii
Jacie loved opening presents..
We had a so much fun.. I wish we all were together more!

My Dad.. The Horseshoe Edition..

This is what happens when my dad has a bucket of horseshoes.. A minor head wound later and then the finished products..The Flower..
The Fisherman

The Brander

The Pooper..

The Roper..