Friday, November 6, 2009


I am so thankful my friends... This blog is for all you ladies!
I only posted a few pics but I am thankful for you all!
i have had so many fun times with so many of you...
Road trips..
Dance parties..
Jello Phones (pants)
Each of you have made my life better just by me knowing you!

We might be crazy sometimes...
or most of the time..

we have had a few cries and lots of laughs!

I am so glad I know you!

Thanks for all the memories! There are many more to come!

I will cherish these memories forever!

My Friends really are the best!

Why I love my friends
*Break the wrist walk away
*Da bears da bears da bears
* Jump on it
*mmmmm pie
* is that a fat joke
*BBF call me every 5 min
*Time out
*throw rocks
*awww a baby duck
*assume the position
*one two three (look)
*arrrr arrr arrr arrrr
*yes it is yes it is (low voice) yes it is...
*bosom hug
*and many more!!!!!


Kindra Serr said...

Yes!! I made the cut! I'm sooo happy!

Michael and Julie said...

Pheww! I was sweating for a minute! BFFs forever!

Ashley said...

Grrrrr.... what the H? I didn't even get 1 pic? WTF? But I guess my name made it in the post (not everyone can say that, right?!) Even if it had to do w/ my phone in jello....still bitter about that one fyi! :)
But that's okay....
BFF!!! :)

Ashley Ann said...

Pants.... I had a pic of you but it didn't upload.....BFF!!! I did eat at Butterburr's Friday night.. It brought back lots of memories haha