Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Biggest Loser...

I will admit it I am a dork... Yup I am blogging about a TV show is my list of "thankfuls"
This show is amazing..
I love how it changes people's lives for the better...
I love watching the contestants and how they gain their lives back..
I love the support that the contestants give each others..
I think our lives apply to this show.
We all have things in our life we need to change..
some type of addiction..
The contestants face food addictions..
We might face others... non visible issues..
Fear.. Doubt...
We might have other addictions..
Like the contestants we have support to
Friends... Family... Church leaders..
We can change too..
This show is much more then losing weight..
It's about learing to live again..
I am thankful for the lessons it teaches..
plus really...who wouldn't want to see Bob each week right??


Ashley said...

Uhh heeeelllllllloooooo Bob! Me likes the eye candy! ;)
Not gonna lie, I was busting out laughing at the end of your post...so funny!
p.s. sol be honest that your "gaydar" is not bursting when Bob is around! I'm just sayin'...

Travis and Brittany said...

You are so funny!