Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Today is Stefan and Austin's birthday...

These two are wonderful friends!

Here are the top ten reasons why they deserve the best birthday ever!


10. He ALWAYS wins at thumb wrestling.

9. He has a good looking twin..

8. He is a master of Ninja Distruction.

7. He is nice to animals.

6. He talks to dead people.

5. He calls people awesome nicknames.

4. He has a fan club.

3. He gives good hugs.

2. He thinks I am hilarious.

1. He is always looking for ways to better himself and those around him.


10. He know all the words to the tiny turtle song.

9. He has a good looking twin..

8. He thinks of funny games like poky poky, slapy slapy,

7. He is nice to old people.

6. He wears a suit to hockey games.

5. You can bribe him with yummy treats.

4. I know girls who stalk him...

3. He is a friend to everyone.

2. He has an amazing talent to teach.

1. Always has a big smile no matter what!

Happy Birthday Friends!!

You are the best ever!

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