Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The past few months

So much has happened these past few months since my last post!
In May Michelle, Aimee, Cameron, and I went to California!
We decided we needed a little break
to Disneyland!

Me, Michelle and Aimee

Cameron and Michelle in the teacup

Mickey's car

We had a lot of fun. We spent Friday night and Saturday at Disneyland and California Adventure. Sunday we attended church and then walked on the pier and beach.
Monday we came home.. It was a fun weekend trip!

Also, in May school got out! I can't believe it is already summer!
In June I went to Washington with Beccah..
It is one of my favorite places!
We spent a few days in Moses Lake with her grandparents then went to Vancouver to see her sister Sarah..
While in Vancouver we visited Tillamook and the Beach... Here are a few pics from that trip!

Also in June our branch went to Yellowstone... We had a lot of fun!

For school we started clinic. It has been busy but fun.. We have 4 1/2 weeks left!

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