Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ok,, There is on more little thing that has happened! :)
In May I met Skyler..
Actually we had been talking online for a few months before.
Anyways, in May he came on on leave from the Army and we really hit it off!

He treats me so well! I think sometimes better than I deserve!
He will be home from Iraq in September, I can't wait!
Luckily we get to talk a lot!

Here are some of my favorite things about him
1) He treats me fantastic
2) He is sacrificing so much to server our country
3) He make me want to be a better person
4) He is caring and kind
5) He listens to me
6) He has awesome bowling skills! :)
7) Whenever I need him he is there..
8) He is motivated
9) He has a strong testimony of the Gospel
10) He is just fantastic!

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