Friday, December 23, 2011


I can't believe 2011 is almost over! Just a week left!
It has been a good year so much has happened
There have been lessons learned.. tears cried...trips... lots of friends
Here is my year in a recap!

January: After welcoming in the new year with great friend my year started out great!
February: Work and school seemed to keep me busy!
March: More work and school! I am sure I played too but I can't remember specific things!
April: I went to LA and Vegas with Mandy! Super fun trip!!
May: Disneyland with Aimee, Michelle, and Cameron! Perfect weekend get away!
June: I started dating Skyler.. Went to Washington with Beccah! Went to Yellowstone..
July: I had my first clinic experience with school.. It was fun meeting all the girls from my program!
August: Finished the summer clinic...started back to work and school.. A weekend trip with the branch to Darby..
September: Broke up with Skyler..
October: Had a great Halloween, we dressed up as Mario Character's.
November: Started dating Kelly :) Had an amazing Thanksgiving. I also got a cute little nephew! I love you Jaxon!
December: Went to LA to see WICKED! with Kelly, Aimee, Edson, Mandy, Amanda, and Mike
It was so fun!

I am looking forward to spending the holidays with Kelly and our families!
I have been blessed so much this year!
I look forward to seeing what 2012 brings!

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