Friday, October 1, 2010


Wow, it has sure been one of those weeks!! So instead of having a giant meltdown I decided to just blog it hahaha..
Don't worry it will end happy...
I have been so stessed about grad school.. I have SO much to do and it never ends!
Really it is a TON of work.. By next week here is a portions of what I have to do
only watch about 10 lectures
2 videos
2 video forum posts
3 readings
3 papers on readings
Language development chart from 0-60 months
speech sample analysis
and thats just the beginning!
Brittany and I started Book of Mormon Challenge a month ago.. Yup already behind..
I have so many IEP's for work to write/ attend..
Plus a ton of therapy to plan..
I have to attend ISHA Thurs and Friday..
I just feel so unfocused!! I can't get anything done..
Today I was hoping to get a lot accomplished but
that is not happening. I swear everything goes
right over my head... AHHHHHHHHH
I just need time to stop even for a few hours
or at least disappear for a few hours...
Anything to clear my mind!!!
Now for the things that are getting me through..
Great Roomies/friends to let me have giant meltdown..
31 days until the BAHAMAS... yep you read right.. Michelle and I are leaving town..
That will be a much needed vacation..
Amanda being postive about her crappy day today...
Institute Runs haha ;)
Dinner tonight with Chris, Michelle, and Aimee..
General Conference Weekend..
Fishing with my dad (hopefully)
I didn't escape the meltdown....

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Travis and Brittany said...

I am behind too :) It makes me feel better to know Im not the only one. Love you sister!