Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lessons Learned....

I was recently told that I need to update my blog more often! I have lots of fun summer pictures that will come hopefully this week.
Today however a lot has been on my mind the past few weeks so I thought I'd share.
Some are thoughts ...some are lessons learned.. some are new goals...
1) I am very blessed... I have some amazing friends
2) My Savior knows me and knows what I need
3) Even when you truly look for the good in others sometimes people will still tear you down, but it is still my choice on how to react
4) Patience is a Godly virtue, is more than just waiting, it's waiting well.
5) I can love people who are not easy to love!
6) Being impatient is a form of selfishness.
7) It is at times when we try to really improve our lives, that satan attacks us more
8) Change is a good thing..
9) Good friends never stop being your friend.
10) Seeds you plant whether good or bad are the fruits you bear.
11) Though sometimes it's hard to be nice or to bite your tongue it is well worth it.
12) Trials give us two choices to become more like our Savior or more like the adversary.
13) Tender mercies are everywhere, we just have to look.
14) Don't sweat the small stuff....
15) It's all small stuff..
16) The temple really is a place of refuge...
17) My family is absolutely amazing..
18) A simple "Thank You" when sincere can go a long way.
I am so grateful for those people who inspire me to be better. I am thankful for new friendships and old friendships. I am thankful for lessons learned even they hurt at the time. I am thankful for the truth I know because of the gospel. I am thankful for th atonement and how when applied it can heal sadness and pain. I love my life and where I am at now.
The biggest lesson and one of my many mottos is

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Megan said...

Dearest Tramp-you inspire me!