Friday, November 14, 2008

The Yellowstone Adventure..

So my roommate and I decided we needed a sick day! We went to Yellowstone and had a ton of fun. At first we did not see any animals but so we were excited to see the swans, a caterpillar, and the coyote. Then we saw a few deer and an elk. When we were getting ready to come home we found the bear! It was huge. It had stolen an elk from a pack of wolves so we were able to watch the standoff. Enjoy the pics! The Tetons.. I love the reflection!

Here is my roomie and I

Here is the coyote

Check out those claws!

I took this pic through a scope.. The bear was huge! Those are the elk's antlers in front of the bear.

This was one of the wolves that we surrounding the bear.

We had a lot of fun.. maybe i should be sick more often!

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McKenzie said...

HOLY COW!! Those pictures are AMAZING! What a funday!